CANWA's board of directors meeting


02-18-2018 董事会会议记录
参会人员:Cathy Luo,Sherry Shao,Juan Yan,Isabel Fang,Hua Wang
1、董事会选举通过严娟为协会副主席,Linda Liu 为信息技术委员会负责人
2、Juan Yan 总结汇报了2017年度财务报告
4、2018龙舟节定于5月28日,由Sherry Shao组织协调

02-18 Board minutes
Participants: Cathy Luo, Sherry Shao, Juan Yan, Isabel Fang, Hua Wang
1. The election of the board of directors passed Yan Juan as vice chairman of the association and Linda Liu as the chair of the IT committee
2, Juan Juan summed up 2017 annual financial report
3, the meeting discussed the membership management and membership fee changes plan
4, 2018 Dragon Boat Festival is scheduled for May 28, Sherry Shao will lead the event
5,2019 Chinese New Year celebration facility rental and ticket pricing
6,Linda proposed to the board of directors the idea of forming a youth club