Chinese New Year Celebration in Feburary


哈勃高中的餐厅里充满了节日气氛,来宾们津津有味地品尝着地道的中国传统佳肴,享受与家人和朋友团聚的喜乐。廊道上灯笼高挂,春联、剪纸 烘托着浓厚的年味,小商品琳琅满目,写毛笔字的两位女士挥毫泼墨,为来宾们书写他们的中文名字。礼堂内晚会开始,主持人在台上介绍了一些中国人过春节的风俗。之后,开始精彩的表演,节目有中国传统的民族舞蹈和音乐,少儿舞蹈,合唱,时尚舞蹈的表演等等。在节目间隙,主持人还和现场观众进行了互动游戏,将晚会的气氛掀起高潮。

Chinese Association of NWA celebrated Year of Dog on 02-10-2018 in Springdale Har-Ber High School.
Cafeteria was full of guests enjoying authentic Chinese food,hot items like egg rolls and dumplings were very popular. Along the hallway, red lanterns, couplets and paper-cut art brought out rich festive atmosphere. A variety of gift baskets and gift cards were very inviting. Two young ladies were busy writing guests' names in Chinese with brushes and ink.
On the stage of PAC, the hostess briefly explained the Chinese New Year tradition before the show started. Then The night of programs fascinated the audience with folk dances, beautiful music,kids dance, and colorful fashion show.

During the show, the host and the audience also conducted interactive games, what a fun night!
The success of the celebration resulted from the hard work of volunteers behind the scenes, also from the support of local businesses and the love of friends. Because of your generosity, we were able to provide such a Chinese-style entertainment to our local community. Thanks to your love, we had the opportunity to help outstanding Chinese poor students to pursue their dream of college.
We do not want to see the poverty to become the barrier to higher education, but firmly believe that education can help eradicate poverty. Through Chinese culture, let's gather our love and strength to make our community more harmonious, may students’ dreams come true.

We will see you next year!